Mitch Lederman, MBA, M.Engineering
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Career Services’ Initiatives for Students and Graduates

I. Created first-ever Mission Statement for Career Services:

    ***  Teach our students to be the CEOs of their lives and careers ***

II. Created and presented monthly career services webinars to domestic and international students

  • Creating an Effective Resume
  • Tough Interview Questions (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Cover Letters and Thank You/Follow-up Notes
  • Pre-interview Research and Preparation Guide
  • Post-interview Follow-up Guide
III. Began planning for production of social media formatted versions available for student and graduate viewing on a 24/7 basis

IV. Developed career services tools for students and graduates

  • Resume template focused on achievements and accomplishments
  • Pre-interview research guide that walked the user through all phases of interview preparation (e.g., company research, industry research, interviewer research, responses to tough interview questions, reviewing transportation and potential issues, company in the news, etc.)
 - The guide could be used and saved within Microsoft Word or printed out and filled in manually

  • Post-Interview follow-up guide that walked the user through recapping the interview (e.g., identifying rough spots or areas of concern that need to be addressed, making sure all follow-up correspondence was sent in a timely manner, planning for additional interviews, etc.)
- The guide could be used and saved within Microsoft Word or printed out and filled in manually

V. Developed personalized Exit Interviews, Graduate Surveys and Employer Surveys that could be completed manually or online

VI. Prepared and sent personalized Congratulations letters (frame-quality) to each graduate

VII. Created and distributed monthly newsletter providing career services and academic information, tips and advice


I. Through daily TouchPoints, worked on building an Online staff community that worked cohesively toward achieving the Universities’ goals and objectives

  • Maintained a very high-level of internal customer-service
II. Developed and hosted a monthly webinar-based Virtual Open House

  • This live event gave prospective students the opportunity to directly interact with the leadership team of the Universities (Online Operations, Admissions, Financial Aid, Academics and Career Services)
III. Integrated the features and benefits of career services into the Admissions Advisors’ call scripts

IV. Cross-trained Admissions Advisors on career services

  • The program provided the Admissions Advisors with career services tools and techniques that were transferrable to the Admissions process
V. Developed repeatable processes whereby career services reached out to each student at the onset of their school program and during their financial aid repack

  • The goal of these initiatives was to provide students with another channel to reach out for assistance, outside the formal career services programming