Mitch Lederman, MBA, M.Engineering
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Recognition from Students and Colleagues

Staff Members and Colleagues, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University

  • "Thank you for making such a huge difference for these masters students.  You have completely turned around the career services for those students in only a few months."
  • "Wow! What a testimonial! I am so happy that the students recognize the immense value you bring to them. And, I'm so happy you joined us and bring that experience and expertise to our school."

Students, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University

  • "Yes I have met with Mr. Lederman and he was helpful beyond words!"
  • "I wanted to let you know that each of the career counselling sessions that I have recently had with you, have been of immense value to me. I believe that one of the factors that make your coaching sessions so valuable is the fact that you have had a technical background. Speaking the same language allows you to make recommendations that go well beyond the superficial ‘grammatical resume reviews’ that students of MIS had to be satisfied with until last year when you arrived! The contrast is striking, and I now have every intention of continuing to leverage your advisory services."
  • "I attended the Navigating Career Fairs workshop which was a brilliant workshop. I learnt how to use the STAR format for talking to interviewers and how to capture their interest. We all think we know our resume very well but I realized that we need to know our value proposition for the company as well. This is what the recruiters are looking forward to. The topic on walking through resumes and how to follow up with recruiters, provided much needed insight into what all goes into job search efforts. Its not just who you are on your resume, but who you portray when talking at career fairs that matters eventually. Overall, it was a great experience and is highly recommended for students looking to attend career fairs in the future."
  • "I had met you last week about an interview for a summer internship, while the deadline for another offer was approaching. I believe I did manage to "slam-dunk" the interview like you encouraged me to! Talking to you was a huge confidence boost. Thank you very much for the advice, and of course all the help with my documents!"
  • "I attended your Career and Internship search workshop yesterday, and it was really helpful. It's right about this time that I was feeling lost with all the information and resources available. Thanks for helping me realize how I should be planning instead of sending my resume anywhere and everywhere blindly."
Staff Members and Colleagues, Bryant & Stratton College

  • "I can attest to his ability to create a vision and to direct and motivate his team towards successful achievement of that vision."
  • "Mr. Lederman is a strong leader and a strategic thinker with both the professional and personal skills to successfully gain the buy-in necessary to reach and exceed goals."
  • "His vision of a campus-wide approach to preparing students for success in the workforce was adopted by our team with great enthusiasm."
  • "Mr. Lederman's ability to build strong relationships is unsurpassed. As our offices were in very close proximity, I was able to witness first hand his interactions with both his colleagues and our students.  Both groups regarded him as an inspirational and motivational leader and mentor."
  • "He has made a very positive impact on a great number of our students' careers, and anyone who worked with Mitch - staff or student - is a better professional for it, myself included."
  • "I often used Mitch as a sounding board when I needed advice in certain situations involving faculty and students. He would always provide a well thought out and rational solution."
  • "Thank you so much for all that you do for our students.  I think that the career support that they receive here is a real selling point for Bryant & Stratton."

Students, Bryant & Stratton College

  • "I'm am excited but I also want to thank you because you helped me out every step of the way and didn't give up on me, and that meant a lot, so thank you Mr. Lederman."
  • "I just wanted thank you for today and all of your help and insight… I really appreciated your encouragement and guidance today…"

Employers, Bryant & Stratton College

  • "On a personal/professional note, thank YOU for your effort… It’s nice to know some colleges still put this much care into their students."
  • "Just wanted to say thank you so much.  We were so impressed with {name} that we hired him on the spot."

Senior Executive, Salem International University

  • "He has continued to go above and beyond, and has reflected servant leadership through leading by example on a consistent basis."
  • "I would highly recommend Mitch Lederman for key leadership roles that your organization may be looking to fill."

Senior Executives, ESI

  • "Mitch Lederman is a vital asset to the HQ CS team…"
  • "Mitch is able to very diplomatically provide constructive criticism and guidance…"
  • "Mitch sets a very high standard for quality in his work…"
  • "I put great stock in his professional judgement and perspectives…"
  • "He has displayed an innate ability to drive processes and production within established guidelines…"

Campus Executives, ESI

  • "You are one of the best people I have worked with since I have been here at ITT…"
  • "I really hate to see you go.  Talking with you was actually fun.  You have a great management style…"

Directors of Career Services, ESI

  • "I have really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of the help/advice you have given.  Thanks for keeping things positive when times were tough over here…"
  • "I have learned a lot from you and I put into practice every day something you have shared with me along the way.  You will be missed!"
  • "I also enjoyed working with you and will miss your professionalism, support and sense of humor."