Mitch Lederman, MBA, M.Engineering
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Director of Career Services Training and Professional Development

I. Developed and presented numerous in-person and webinar-based training programs and modules for nationwide career services teams and management development initiatives (over 130 campuses)

 Sampling of programs included:
  • Job Lead Development & Search Tools for Career Services
  • Improving Salaries
  • Introduction to Career Services – Virtual Boot Camp (New Campus Director Training)
  • Introduction to Career Services – Management Trainees (Recent College Graduate Training Program
  • Best Practices in CDD Employment
  • Best Practices in Criminal Justice Employment
  • Cold Calling Strategies and Techniques
  • Documenting Estimated Salaries for a Self-Employment
  • Headquarters (HQ) Career Services Leads

Management Briefings

I. Bi-annually met with National Curriculum Chairs and District Program Subject Matter Experts to review prior and current year’s results by program and discuss challenges and areas of opportunity
  • School of Business
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Electronics Technology
  • School of Drafting and Design
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • School of Health 


I. Supported operations through development of resources and tools to increase productivity and drive results toward goals

Sampling of programs, resources, and tools developed and presented included:
  • Criminal Justice Employment Guide
  • EGC (Every Graduate Counts) Call Weekly Template
  • Common Career Services Procedural and Audit Issues
  • Student Professional Experience (“Internships”)

Technology-based Initiatives and Planning Tools

I. Student Success System (S3)

  • Lead Career Services professional responsible for initial and ongoing testing, rolling-out and training for the Career Services S3 tool, an in-house developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for tracking all employment-related student/graduate and employer activities
  • Compiled and wrote a 424 page User Guide
II. Career Services Plan vs. Actual (PVA)

  • Created the first PVA in an Excel spreadsheet format
 - The PVA is designed to plan required weekly activities necessary to obtain required outcomes (e.g., employer attempts, contacts, job orders, interviews and employments)
- Expected outcomes from planned activities are calculated using conversion rates derived from previous results

  • The spreadsheet PVA model was subsequently incorporated into the S3 CRM
III. Prepared and presented initial and ongoing training webinars on a national basis

  • The PVA and S3
  • Populating the Career Services Plan vs. Actual (PVA) for the Student Success System (S3)